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"Unable to handle modern image file sizes and no widescreen support"

Unusable -- don't waste your time. No native support for widescreen, and unable to process more than a few smartphone image files without error.

I wanted to make a slideshow to display on a widescreen TV, using 'Ken Burns' effects. I had a collection of photos taken with a smartphone camera and a canon point-and-shoot camera.

First of all, there is no support for the standard widescreen video format, so I had to use the suggested hack of tricking Photo Story by stretching/distorting the images (I couldn't even find an image editor that could do this, so I used ImageMagick from the command line).

After all that trouble, it couldn't even handle my pictures. I would get the dreaded "not enough storage or memory" error if I had more than about 8 pictures.

In the end, I just used the 'Photos' app on an old Macbook and it was so much easier and not a single problem.

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  • No widescreen support
  • Unable to process standard smartphone image sizes

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30 Jul 2015

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